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Today on Trans Day of Remembrance

Family of Layleen Polanco Settles Civil Suit With New York City, Continues Advocacy #JusticeForLayleen

AVP Calls For An Immediate End To Solitary Confinement

AVP Condemns The City’s Fiscal Year ‘21 Austerity Budget with no major cuts to NYPD

New York City Anti-Violence Project Condemns NYPD’s Violence at Pride After “Vow” to Never Repeat the Violence of Stonewall

City and State Lawmakers Must Commit to #JusticeForLayleen

Statement From Layleen Polanco’s Family On Newly Released Footage Of Inside Rikers

AVP Demands Divestment from Policing and Investment in Services for LGBTQ and HIV-affected Survivors


AVP Says No to Rollbacks Against Bail Reform

New York City Anti-Violence Project Calls for Puerto Rican Officials, McDonald’s Respond to Hate Violence Against LGBTQ People in Puerto Rico

LGBTQ, Women, and Survivor Advocates Celebrate the Many New Yorkers Who Will No Longer Suffer the Harms of Money Bail & Pretrial Jailing