#CANTERASEUS; License to Discriminate

AVP Learns of Anti-Gay Vandalism Incidents in Astoria, Queens

AVP Learns of an Anti-transgender Hate Violence Incident in Jackson Heights, Queens

AVP Learns of an Anti-Gay Attack in Midtown, Manhattan

A Message From the Executive Director: United Against Hate

NCAVP Denounces the Trump Administration’s Lack of Support For Transgender Students

AVP Action Brief: White House Signals Lack of Support for Transgender Students; Trump’s Immigration Rules and Enforcement Hurt Survivors of Violence

National LGBTQ Organizations Denounce the Arrest of a Transgender Survivor of Domestic Violence By Ice Officers in El Paso, Texas

AVP Action Brief Department of Justice Signals a Step Back on Transgender Rights; #STANDWITHGAVIN; #NOBANNOWALLNORAIDS

AVP Action Brief: Civil Rights, Not Sessions’ Rights; We Need Police Reform!; #HERETOSTAY

AVP Action Brief: We’re Watching You, Devos

AVP Action Brief: We’re Watching You, Devos