Happy Pride! Welcome to AVP’s community-led safety campaign, Our Pride, Our Safety! Here we will define community-led safety, explain why it’s important, show how we’re modeling it, and provide opportunities for you to join our efforts.

What is a Community-Led Safety Model?

Community-led safety means bringing together LGBTQ people to determine what we need to be safe and working together to keep each other safe.

AVP is committed to building a greater understanding of the importance of community-led safety and helping to build more models of it.

AVP is an expert in upstander intervention and de-escalation training. This year we will showcase community-led safety models at Pride celebrations throughout the city to demonstrate that it is possible to create and implement new approaches for safety and protection.

There will be opportunities for everyone to get involved by learning and practicing community-led safety.

Remember, AVP is always available for members of our community who have experienced violence, whether the incident was today, yesterday or years ago. Use our 24/7 bilingual (English/Spanish) hotline to get support and resources.

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Our Pride, Our Safety Frequently Asked Questions

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Check back for updates throughout Pride season and summer to stay connected on our efforts to build community-led safety across the city.

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