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Action Brief

#CANTERASEUS; License to Discriminate

2020 could have been the year that questions about sexual orientation and gender identity were included in the US Census. Instead, it was announced this week that the 2020 Census will not include questions about sexual orientation and gender identity. AVP has been tracking violence against LGBTQ people for 20 years,

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AVP Action Brief: We’re Watching You, Devos

Our AVP Action Brief  tracks actions of the Trump administration that impact our communities’ safety and rights and offers concrete steps that we can take to stand up for safety and justice. We are here for you and we are in this together. We’re watching you, DeVos This afternoon, Betsy

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AVP Action Brief: No Ban No Wall; Stop Sessions

President Trump has begun to carry out many of his troubling campaign promises that threaten the safety, security, and rights of LGBTQ people and many others in this country. Now, more than ever, we need to stay informed and take action. AVP is launching the AVP Action Brief, which will

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