AVP responds to multiple incidents of anti-LGBTQ vandalism in New York City 


(New York) As we approach NYC Pride weekend, the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP) calls on New Yorkers to help keep our city safe for all. The recent destruction of Pride flags at the Stonewall Memorial and in Queens is part of a disturbing trend of increased anti-LGBTQ+ violence occurring across the United States, and unfortunately, in our local communities.

Vandalism, threats and protests against LGBTQ+ events and organizations are all acts of violence against LGBTQ+ people intended to inflict fear and terror in our communities. AVP has been tracking these incidents of targeted violence against LGBTQ+ organizations, businesses and safe spaces and has recently conducted a national survey to more clearly document this type of violence and develop safety and advocacy strategies. The National LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces Needs Assessment data, report soon to be released, shows that this type of anti-LGBTQ+ violence is common and relentless. More than three out of five of the nearly 400 LGBTQ+ spaces and organizations surveyed, from all 50 states, experienced at least one act of anti-LGBTQ+ hate in 2022. And like the Stonewall memorial, many spaces experienced repeat incidents and multiple forms of violence. This violence is increasing and intensifying, and in some instances, these actions are being instigated and encouraged by white nationalists who seek to further marginalize and erase LGBTQ+ people in this country.

While hateful rhetoric targeting the LGBTQ+ community and others has taken greater hold in our society, we will not be silenced. It will take all of us standing against actions of bigotry, no matter how small or insignificant the acts of bigotry seem, to stop the growing violence. This Pride season, AVP has been training members of our community to be Upstanders against hate violence as part of our All Places, Safe Spaces campaign. If you want to be trained to safely stand up against hate in our community sign up for our next Upstander Training on July 5th at 4:30 PM.

And as always, AVP is here for LGBTQ+ and HIV-affected survivors of violence and those who need assistance can reach out to our 24-hour English/Spanish hotline at 212-714-1141, by phone or text.

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