National LGBTQ Institute on IPV


The National LGBTQ Institute on IPV aims to improve access to meaningful domestic violence advocacy for LGBTQ survivors of abuse. This project is an exciting collaboration of The Northwest Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse and NCAVP.  The Institute is a member of the Domestic Violence Resource Network and is funded by the Family Violence and Prevention Services Program (FVPSA).

Over the next five years, The Institute will work to bring culturally specific training to advocates working in LGBTQ specific and mainstream DV programs through in person trainings, webinars and online tools. The Institute also plans to expand research about LGBTQ DV and the programs that LGBTQ communities have created to both prevent and intervene in domestic violence. A big goal of the Institute is to support and build the capacity of LGBTQ advocates in LGBTQ organizations through resources, education, best practices and program to program support. NCAVP leads on some of these efforts, with Essex Lordes taking on the role of Coordinator at NCAVP.

When federal agencies and other national DV organizations have questions about LGBTQ DV, the Institute will be there to provide assistance and expertise, and ensure that the voices and knowledge developed in LGBTQ communities comes forward conversations about federal policy.

You can find more information about The Institute, including recommendations and other resources, here.