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AVP’s Legal Services Department increases access to justice for LGBTQ and HIV-affected survivors of all types of violence, including intimate partner violence, sexual violence, hate violence, and institutional violence. AVP has been providing free, holistic, civil legal services to LGBTQ and HIV-affected survivors for over nine years, with support from local and federal government funding, private firms, and individual donors.  

Unfortunately, AVP lost a three-year federal grant totaling $600,000. This funding helped to found and sustain the AVP legal services program. AVP’s Legal Department is now in jeopardy since this funding covered the cost of one attorney and one paralegal annually, which means the most marginalized in our community are also in jeopardy of losing their free legal assistance, increasing the effects of trauma that they are already suffering. Last year AVP turned away 277 clients because of capacity, this deficit is sure to amplify that issue. 

Your pledge to the legal fund can help us hire a much needed paralegal and lawyer, filling our 3 year gap and keeping our legal team running. Please consider a 3 year pledge today.

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