AVP First Responders

AVP is an organization staffed by First Responders. AVP staff works on the front lines, supporting the LGBTQ and HIV affected communities no matter what they need. It is their words and experiences, but more than that, their work, that is evidence that the services of AVP must continue. Our community needs action to heal from a pandemic, an uprising, a mental health crisis and decades of hate. In the videos below our first responders will tell you exactly how your support of AVP got us through the last 18 months, and the 40 years before.


Aditi shares a story about AVP staff going the extra mile to holistically support clients during the pandemic.


In the last 18 months Danielle has worked tirelessly with clients to ensure that they continue to receive services. She shares a story about one client who needed AVP more than ever before.


Robert speaks about how AVP found him in a time of need and now he gives back through his work with clients and hotline volunteers.


During the pandemic AVP supported clients with enhanced services. Vanessa explains how amplified resources gave AVP the opportunity to help in new ways.