AVP, Trawick Family and coalition outraged at decision to not fire officers who killed Kawaski Trawick

On Friday, NYPD Commissioner Edward Cabán issued a late day press release announcing the two officers who killed Kawaski Trawick in his home nearly five years ago will not be fired for causing his death.

“We are angry and dismayed at the decision to not fire the two officers who entered Kawaski Trawick’s home nearly five years ago and killed him within a matter of seconds. This shameful decision by Commissioner Cabán shows a blatant disregard for the life of Kawaski Trawick, for his family, and for the lives of Black Queer New Yorkers, furthering the mistrust and lack of confidence in the NYPD to not cause harm,” says Beverly Tillery, Executive Director NYC Anti-Violence Project “Our hearts are with the Trawick family and community whose grief from losing their son is further magnified by this decision and the lack of accountability by city officials. The only solution to prevent this from happening again, as it has  even within the last few weeks, is to eliminate police from mental health emergency response and direct crisis response resources to community-led organizations to keep ourselves safe from harm.”

In response to Commissioner Cabán’s decision not to fire the NYPD Officers who killed Kawaski Trawick, a Black gay man in his own home, Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Rickie Trawick, parents of Kawaski Trawick, Loyda Colon, Executive Director of Justice Committee and CPR spokesperson and others issued the following statements.

“Mayor Adams should be ashamed of himself, as a father and as a Black man. Not firing the police who murdered my son in 112 seconds in his home is disgraceful and the fact that Adams didn’t even let my family know of the decision before making it public is the height of disrespect. Finding out from press late on a Friday, on the weekend that my family is mourning the 5 years since Kawaski was murdered is unimaginably painful. Thompson and Davis broke into my son’s home and murdered him within seconds, without even attempting to administer aid. They should have already been fired but Mayor Adams and the NYPD don’t seem to care about protecting New Yorkers from cops who kill. The utter disregard they have for our son’s memory, to make this decision on the five-year anniversary of his death is disgusting and shameful,” said Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Rickie Trawick, parents of Kawaski Trawick. “Our hearts go out to the Rozario family, whose 19-year-old son was also killed by the NYPD recently in a situation that’s similar to Kawaski. In both cases, the police came, created a crisis and killed our sons in seconds. In both cases, Mayor Adams has acted like our sons don’t exist – he never once called for justice for Kawaski, for Win, or anyone else killed by the NYPD.”

“This decision is monstrous – especially late on the Friday before Kawaski’s family is mourning the 5 years since he was killed. Mayor Adams’ NYPD is worse than Giuliani’s. The NYPD announcement is wildly misleading – they’re falsely claiming that no crime was committed so the cops and trying to rely on technicalities when we all saw the video and both Davis and Thompson committed fireable offenses by the standards of the NYPD’s own patrol guide. Herbert Davis broke the chain on Kawaski’s door, Thompson and Davis illegally entered, Thompson tased and shot Kawaski in 112 seconds and then neither cop made any attempt to save Kawaski’s life – in fact at one point Thompson held the door shut while Kawaski lay dying on the other side. The Adams administration has a pattern of colluding with the NYPD to cover-up and obstruct without consequence, hide the names of cops who kill and take much longer to make final discipline decisions,” said Loyda Colon, Executive Director of Justice Committee and CPR spokesperson. “Thompson and Davis should have already been fired years ago and it’s outrageous that– after five years of cover-ups and obstruction– they will be allowed to remain on the NYPD. This refusal by Adams & Caban to fire cops who illegally entered Kawaski’s home, created a crisis, tased without cause and murdered Kawaski in seconds and refuse to fire cops who kill is why we continue to see lives stolen like Kawaski Trawick, and most recently 19-year-old Win Rozario. We are all less safe because of this decision and this administration and both Mayor Adams & Commissioner Caban should be ashamed.”
“Commissioner Caban has obfuscated the real issue here. We know the commissioner can not bring criminal charges against a police officer.  He has failed to address the issues which are in his jurisdiction and that is the failure for the officers abiding by the patrol guidelines and the discipline for that failure. It is undisputed had police officers Thompson and Davis followed the police patrol guidelines, Kawaski would be alive today.” Royce Russell, Trawick Family Attorney.

“Kawaski Trawick should be alive today.  NYPD has undermined justice,  first by refusing to turn over video evidence necessary for the CCRB’s investigation, and now by refusing to fire the officers responsible for killing Mr. Trawick in his own home. Mr. Trawick’s family cannot heal and safety in our communities is consistently weakened when NYPD fails to hold officers accountable for killing civilians. We grieve for the Trawick family, those with mental illness who receive harm and not help, and all impacted by police violence,” said Marco A. Carrion, Executive Director, El Puente.

“I see cops everywhere I go – from the train station to my school – and am furious knowing they wouldn’t be held accountable for murdering a New Yorker. I would be heartbroken if cops killed a member of my family. Kawaski meant the world to his family, just like my family means the world to me. Once again the city has failed us by not firing officers Thompson & Davis for the murder of Kawaski Trawick, “ said youth member Quasie Melendez of Make the Road NY