AVP & Partners Celebrate NYC City Council Overriding How Many Stops Act Veto

Crowd gathering in protest

The New York City Anti-Violence Project joins Communities United for Police Reform and all of the New Yorkers who have advocated to pass the How Many Stops Act and the Solitary Confinement Ban in celebrating the override of Mayor Adams’ veto of those bills. We strongly believe that they are important for the safety of Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities. 

LGBTQ+ people, especially those who are Black and Latinx, trans and gender non-conforming, sex workers, and multiply-marginalized people, are stopped and harassed by police officers while trying to live their daily lives. The passage of the How Many Stops Act increases police transparency and accountability with virtually no added burden to the NYPD or individual officers.  

Layleen Polanco, who was repeatedly harassed by the NYPD before being arrested by VICE and dying in solitary confinement on Rikers Island, and it is with her in mind that we celebrate the passage of the Solitary Confinement Ban. This inhumane and dangerous practice will no longer put vulnerable people in NYC’s jails at further risk of trauma. 

There is always more work to be done to ensure that LGBTQ+ people live free from violence, harassment, and criminalization. This demonstration of support for social justice by 42 of New York City’s Council Members this week sends a clear message that we can make a city that is safer and more livable for all New Yorkers.