AVP is Here for Trans Survivors of Violence

You are seen and loved.

We know that when it comes to violence, transgender, gender nonconforming and non-binary people often face increased risks of harm. According to data from the National Transgender Survey, nearly one-third of respondents experienced workplace mistreatment or violence, and nearly half (46%) report experiencing verbal harassment while nearly 1 in 10 experienced physical harassment. More than half of TGNCNB people have experienced intimate partner violence (54%), and just under half reported sexual assault sometime within their lifetimes. No matter the violence or when it happened, AVP is dedicated to supporting our transgender, gender non-conforming and nonbinary siblings with affirming, inclusive programs and support resources designed by and for the TGNCNB community.  

“At AVP, we have placards that say, ‘My existence is resistance’, and nothing could be truer for TGNCNB persons who are facing some of the most virulent waves of hate violence from governments down to every day businesses, schools, universities, hospitals and even social care systems. The relentlessness of harm is exhausting, the grief and trauma is monumental. But existence with healing is possible, and we are here to bear witness, to hold, to process, to rage and activate with our TGNCNB community of brave survivors that their existence and resistance is uplifted, remembered and celebrated.” 

– Aditi B. – Deputy Director of Client Services

Seeking services as a TGNCNB survivor of violence can be challenging, and even result in more harm when support systems aren’t designed to be inclusive to the unique needs of community. The National Transgender Survey reported that more than half of folks surveyed feel uncomfortable seeking help from police due to high levels of mistreatment and harassment. And, services designed for survivors of violence may only hold space for cisgender women, or cisgender women and children. TGNCNB folks can consult AVP to help navigate support systems and connect with affirming resources.  

Sometimes crisis happens and you need help right away. Folks who are experiencing harm or need planning and support to leave a harmful situation often need immediate help and resources to gain safety. Contacting AVP’s hotline at 212-714-1141 connects survivors with our trained advocates who can provide crisis support, safety planning, and referrals to internal or external resources. Here are some of the other ways AVP can help support healing and thriving for our TGNCNB siblings: 

  • Counseling from community – Our professional team of counselors understand and often represent TGNCNB/LGBQ community, providing care from a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive framework that affirms who you are and your lived experience.   
  • Legal support – Our legal team can provide trans survivors with support for name changes and identity documentation, survivor benefits, discrimination cases and other legal matters for survivors of violence including family law, housing law and immigration law.  
  • Trans-centered Healing – Our Trans Voices group connects trans, gender non-conforming and nonbinary survivors of violence in a safe, virtual space.  
  • Trans-led activism – Our TGNC academy is a multi-week leadership and community organizing training program providing skills and resources for folks interested in social justice movement work.  

You have a home and community with AVP all day, every day. Reach out if you need support or assistance. Contact our hotline if you need support at 212-714-1141.