Building Community Safety During Rise of Hate Violence

This week, a Long Island man accused of sending dozens of violent threats to New York metro area LGBTQ organizations and the NYC Pride March over several years was arrested by federal agents. These threats have terrorized many in our community and are part of the increase in hate violence impacting LGBTQ New Yorkers. At the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP), we know that hate violence against LGBTQ individuals and communities remains rampant in New York City and State.

Calling our 24/7 bilingual English/Spanish hotline is a safe way to report hate violence and learn about resources. Over many years of our effort to increase survivors’ access to reporting and services, we know that survivors report when the process feels accessible and welcoming. While we continue to offer free counseling and resources for LGBTQ and HIV-affected people through our hotline, we also offer monthly upstander intervention trainings for community and allies to learn skills in hate violence prevention. A crucial part of building a safer world is equipping our neighbors, loved ones, and community with the tools for disrupting and safely responding to potential and active violence.

As the largest LGBTQ anti-violence organization in the country, we have taken a lead in this citywide work over the past several years. We have successfully advocated for the creation of the City Council-funded Hate Crime Prevention Initiative, becoming a founding member of the NYC Against Hate Coalition. We have also supported the Mayor’s Office founding the Prevention of Hate Crimes and the $3 million PATH Forward fund for community organizations.

Join us in our efforts. We invite you to attend our monthly Upstander Intervention trainings by signing up here. Participants will develop skills for supporting LGBTQ survivors of hate violence, de-escalation tactics, and additional tools for safe intervention. To start learning valuable ways to make our communities and the world safer today, download and share our NYC Against Hate resource guides.