AVP condemns the violence occurring in our nation’s capital

AVP condemns the violence occurring in our nation’s capital, and any and all attempts to overturn a free and fair election. In failing to recognize the results of the election and commit to a peaceful transfer of power, the administration and the president have undermined faith in our democratic process, sowing doubt that now threatens our democracy. The mob laying siege to the capitol building is a direct culmination of escalating violent rhetoric that is the hallmark of the Trump platform. Yet again, today, instead of ceasing his baseless claims of election fraud, President Trump has instead continued to spread disinformation and incite more violence. 

The relatively restrained police response so far to this attempted coup is in stark contrast to the violent and militaristic response to protests against racist police violence that swept the nation over the summer.  If these were Black, brown, queer, and trans people demanding justice, it seems unlikely they would have made it onto the capitol steps, let alone onto the floor of the legislature.  

We know this is a frightening and infuriating time for our communities, after what has been an exhausting year. Forty years ago, AVP was founded in a time of violence, when our community came together to support and stand with one another, when no one else would. 

AVP documented a spike in violence after the election of 2016, and we know that more incidents may occur in the next few days and weeks. We urge you all to take care of yourselves and each other. Stay home and away from where violence is happening if you can. Check in on your friends. If you choose to join in any actions or protests against the violence, please stay safe and check out our protest safety tips.  You can always reach out to AVP for support and to report any violence you witness or experience, to our 24/7 English/Spanish hotline 212-714-1141 or online avp.org/get-help