Today on Trans Day of Remembrance

Today on Trans Day of Remembrance, AVP joins our trans, gender nonconfirming, and non-binary community in rage and resistance as we remember and honor the TGNC lives lost this year. AVP stands alongside and in solidarity with the trans community, its leaders and trans-led organizations, today and everyday, as allies in the fight to end anti-trans violence. 

2020 has been a year of immense grief for our community. It is a year marked by a global pandemic which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, exacerbated dire economic and housing instability, and led to isolation in our community. It is a year in which many communities have demanded an end to the anti-Black violence that is deeply entrenched in our society. And it has become the deadliest year for TGNC people in our country, with the number of homicides of TGNC people, of Black trans women, reaching historic levels. 

While we pause today, to remember lives we have lost, we know our work must create conditions that honor the living. Trans women have told us again and again, what they need  to be safe: access to safe and secure housing, employment, healthcare, and education. 

In the world AVP envisions that is free from violence, trans people not only have what they need to be safe, but also have an abundance of resources, and are universally celebrated and loved. We invite our entire community to join us in making this world a reality. 

Join us at the following events to work toward these goals and build community:
  • Become a Bystander/Upstander

Wednesday, December 2nd – 6 pm to 8 pm. Bystander/Upstander Intervention training.  In the aftermath of a turbulent election, a global pandemic, and increasing violence against LGBQ and especially TGNC people, New York City Anti-Violence Project is hosting a virtual Bystander Intervention Training to help community members combat anti-LGBTQ violence and promote communal safety in their communities. Learn and practice verbal de-escalation tactics and intervening against violence targeting people who experienced various marginalized identities and structural barriers. Register here.

  • Support Incarcerated Community Members

Wednesday, December 9th – 6 pm to 8 pm AVP membership meeting and Black and Pink letter writing to queer and trans people who are currently incarcerated. AVP organizers run monthly membership meetings where we plug community members into our campaigns and organizing. RSVP to our letter writing and learn more and get ongoing information on the dates and times of membership meetings by emailing