NCAVP mourns the death of Scott DeVore/Scottlynn Kelly DeVore, a 51-year-old gender nonconforming person in Augusta, GA

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NCAVP mourns the death of Scott DeVore, a 51-year-old gender non-conforming person who was murdered in Augusta, GA around March 13. Scott also went by Scottlynn Kelly Devore, and had separate Facebook profiles for each name.

Scott had gone missing on March 12 before police discovered the body on March 30. The culprit is currently in police custody, and is being charged for his attack on Scott, as well as for burglarizing his home with one other person.

On Facebook, several friends and family are mourning Scott – “I miss you so much… still doesn’t seem real to me. You deserved so much better. I love you❤️” writes one user. “I love you so much I miss you … my best friend my everything,” writes another. According to Facebook, Scott worked as a hairdresser, with people sharing how they miss SCott’s talent, one even sharing an image of a poem titled “Ode to My Hairdresser.” Scott loved singing, and asparagus soup. “I loved, that, you had the ability to walk into a room, look around, and say, no, this will not do. And, within thirty minutes you could make the room look magnificent,” writes a loved one.

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