NCAVP mourns the death of 29-year-old Denali Berries Stuckey, a Black transgender woman in Charleston, SC

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NCAVP mourns the death of 29-year-old Denali Berries Stuckey, a Black transgender woman in North Charleston, South Carolina, whose life was tragically lost to gun violence on Sunday, July 21, 2019. Denali is currently the 12th known transgender woman to die by way of violence this year, all of which were Black American.

In initial reports, the North Charleston Deputy Coroner, Kimberly Rhoton, and local media deadnamed and misgendered Denali. While the initial report has since been corrected, the practice of deadnaming and misgendering trans and gender non-conforming people contributes to the physical and fatal violence waged against the TGNC community, as well as the underreporting of hate violence homicides.

Denali’s cousin Ron’Rico Judon, the Vice President of Charleston Black Pride, told BuzzFeed News, “She always wanted to change the world through her work and advocacy by being a role model to other LGBT-identified people in the community,” Judon, who is also the vice president of Charleston Black Pride, said. “She just wanted to make sure she was a positive role model.”

The North Charleston Police Department is currently investigating Stuckey’s death as a homicide

We know it can be hard to read these reports of violence against our communities. If you need support in these difficult times, you can always reach out to your local NCAVP memberIf you or someone you know is experiencing violence, you can reach our free bilingual national hotline at 212-714-1141 or report online for support.

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