Statement from the Anti-Violence Project on Proposed HUD Anti-Trans Rule

In response to the newly proposed rule from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, that would allow for transgender people to be turned away from supportive housing, the New York City Anti-Violence Project released the following statement:

“The proposed rule from HUD is cruel.  It undermines the 2016 Equal Access rules, strips protections for vulnerable trans and gender non-conforming people, and could block access to supportive housing for transgender people. For this rule to be proposed just days after three Black trans women have been murdered is especially outrageous. Access to resources such as employment, healthcare, and housing curb violence against trans people who are disproportionately homeless, poor, and impacted by hate violence. These continued attacks on the trans community from this inept administration perpetuate the climate of violence in which trans people are dying. To turn trans people away from shelters is to knowingly put already vulnerable lives at risk.”

Media Contact:
Eliel Cruz,
212-714-1184 x 26