NCAVP mourns the death of Tiffany Scotland in Redmond, WA

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NCAVP mourns the death of Tiffany Scotland in Redmond, WA. On March 29, the 26 year old woman was strangled and stabbed by her wife, Aterraka Scotland, after an argument over an alleged affair. Aterraka was arrested on April 4 and charged with second-degree murder. According to media reports, a friend and cousin may have been involved in helping Aterraka cover up the incident. It is not clear if they will be charged.

LGBTQ people deserve and have the right to identity affirming resources around intimate partner violence. If you are experiencing violence in your relationship, reach out for help and support. NCAVP is here to help you find local resources and to help you if you experience barriers to accessing support.

Working together to support each other as a community, and helping support those who might be in abusive relationships, is crucial to helping prevent intimate partner violence before it escalates. In doing so, we must also work to enrich our narratives and models of what healthy, loving LGBTQ relationships look like, and support each other in understanding and learning that we are all deserving of love, as a community and as individuals.

We send our condolences to Tiffany Scotland’s family and loved ones.

We know it can be hard to read these reports of violence against our communities. If you need support in these difficult times, you can always reach out to your local NCAVP member. Read the full list here.

NCAVP works to prevent, respond to, and end all forms of violence against and within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and HIV-affected communities. NCAVP is a national coalition of local member programs and affiliate organizations who create systemic and social change. NCAVP is a program of the New York City Anti-Violence Project.