NCAVP Mourns the Homicide of Kaladaa Crowell and Kyra Inglett in West Palm Beach, Florida

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NCAVP mourns the deaths of Kaladaa Crowell and her daughter, Kyra Inglett, who were fatally shot in West Palm Beach, FL, on December 28, 2017. According to media reports, Kaladaa Crowell, 36, and her 11-year-old daughter Kyra were shot by 26-year-old Marlin Joseph, the son of Crowell’s girlfriend, following an argument in their home. Joseph has been arrested and charged with the murders of Crowell and Inglett.

We mourn the loss of Kaladaa Crowell and her daughter, Kyra Inglett, and we send love and care to their family and loved ones. Kaladaa’s girlfriend, Robin Denson, described her as “the sweetest person” who would “give the shirt off her back to help anybody.” At a vigil, a friend remembered Kaladaa as “a hard-working young lady who had a beautiful daughter.” Kyra was remembered for her artistic talent and her spunky personality.

In the last week of December, four Black lesbian women—Shanta Myers, Brandi Mells, Kerrice Lewis, and Kaladaa Crowell—were killed. In the case of the Myers-Mells family and Crowell’s family, their children were also victims of this deadly violence. All too often, the identities and stories of lesbian women, especially Black lesbian women, are erased after their deaths. In drawing attention to these tragic deaths, we hope to not only bring awareness of the anti-LGBTQ violence taking place but also uplift the lives and identities of these members of our community. We take this as a call to be compassionate and respectful in honoring the identities of our community members in death- but to just as importantly support our friends and neighbors while they’re still with us.

In memory of Kaladaa Crowell and Kyra Inglett.

We know it can be hard to read these reports of violence against our communities. If you need support in these difficult times, you can always reach out to your local NCAVP member. Read the full list here.

NCAVP works to prevent, respond to, and end all forms of violence against and within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and HIV-affected communities. NCAVP is a national coalition of local member programs and affiliate organizations who create systemic and social change. NCAVP is a program of the New York City Anti-Violence Project.