NCAVP mourns the hate violence homicide of Gwynevere River Song in Waxahachie TX

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NCAVP mourns the death of Gwynevere River Song, a transfeminine person who identified as femandrogyne and who used “they” pronouns, who was fatally shot in her home on August 12th. Little is known about the motive or perpetrator of their homicide at this time, though police have a suspect in custody.

We mourn the loss of Gwynevere River Song, who is the 17th transgender person we have lost to fatal violence this year. Gwynevere was remembered by many on an online tribute page, where friends from all over wrote of her kindness, creativity, and advocacy. “Your smile could light up a room and will forever be etched in my memory,” wrote one friend. Another friend wrote, “Gwyn was fiercely intelligent without ever being condescending, passionate and compassionate, and had a wicked sense of humor. Sending love to everyone who knew her well. I hope you can find comfort in how much she meant to so many people.” Gwynevere was remembered in a loving memorial, coordinated by Trans Pride Initiative and Gwyn’s mother.

We see again and again that transgender people, especially transfeminine folks, are disproportionately and overwhelmingly affected by hate violence, and that this violence is all too often fatal. This cannot go on. We call upon our communities of many identities to embrace our transgender members and support each other through economic empowerment and narratives of strength and love. We must work to provide empowering and affirming spaces for transgender and gender-nonconforming people, both in public spaces and in our workplaces, schools, and homes.

We send love and care to the friends and loved ones of Gwynevere River Song. Friends have suggested donations to Trans Lifeline in her memory.

In memory of Gwynevere River Song.

If you are in the Dallas, TX area, NCAVP member organization Trans Pride Initiative is available to support you. Get in touch at (214) 449-1439 or find out more at

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