Discussion and Movement Building: Responses from the #Not1Story Twitter Town Hall

Yesterday, we hosted a Twitter Town Hall using the hashtag #Not1Story to discuss the findings from our 2016 report and build together for the future. We tweeted out four guiding questions, and our fantastic friends, coalition members, community members, and other LGBTQ and anti-violence organizations took care of the rest!

Here are some great responses from yesterday’s Town Hall. From the conversation, it’s clear that the LGBTQ anti-violence movement—in collaboration with other movements—will need to work to uplift the voices of people with marginalized identities, promote stories of resilience, survival, and ordinary joy, and work toward concrete goals, like affordable housing, support for immigrants, and truly community-based pathways for healing and justice. But it’s also clear from these responses that none of us are alone in this work. We must—and we can—come together to work together toward liberation and self-empowerment for all people impacted by oppression and violence.

Q1: How will we work in our everyday environments to end violence and discrimination to ensure all LGBTQ people can thrive?



Q2: This year we saw more hate violence online. Where else is hate violence happening that we need to be talking about?


Q3: What are some of the community-based pathways to healing & justice for LGBTQ people that will help us move forward?



Q4: Beyond stories about violence, what are stories about LGBTQ people that we need to be sharing with the world?



In fact, there were so many great responses that we can’t fit them all here. Check out our feed at @antiviolence and the hashtag #Not1Story to read more.