NCAVP mourns the death of Rayanna Pardo, a 26-year-old Latinx transgender woman in Los Angeles

NCAVP mourns the death of Rayanna Pardo, a 26-year-old Latinx transgender woman who was fatally struck by a car in Los Angeles on March 17th. Security footage reveals Rayanna was running from a group of harassers, forcing her into oncoming traffic where she was hit. The driver behind the wheel is currently being charged for a DUI.

Her family believes her death was due to hate violence, asserting that Rayanna was forced in front of that car, or even pushed. Still the police have not currently ruled her death a homicide.

TransLatin@ Coalition and Rayanna’s family and friends held a candlelight vigil in her honor, made up of loved ones and strangers who gathered to show support – chanting her name, and sharing stories with each other and local news outlets. Bamby Salcedo, president of the TransLatin@ Coalition told KCAL9 News “Rayanna was such a beautiful young person who just wanted to live her life and be herself.” “I can’t even sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I just picture [her] getting hit by a car, and so I stay awake.” said Monica Pardo, Rayanna’s mother. Her sister Adriana stated that seeing everyone come together in Rayanna’s honor brought her “peace of mind.”

Several folks are mourning Rayanna on social media. “Love you Ray ❤️ will never forget all the memories we made together,” commented one user on a photo of Rayanna. Another commented “your bubbly personality & smile will never be forgotten.”

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