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Bar Safety means LGBTQ community members taking care of themselves and each other in big and small ways that can make a major difference. From protecting your drinks and securing your phone from interpersonal and financial violence to learning community safety and crisis response practices for your event or venue, #AVPBarSafety supports LGBTQ community members in preventing, responding to, and healing from violence. 

These courses are designed to provide folks in the nightlife space tools to help promote a safer experience for their LGBTQ patrons and our community overall, with community-focused, LGBTQ-inclusive safety planning education.

Available Training

Upstander Intervention and De-escalation training

This ninety-minute session is designed for individuals who want to learn tactics to safely intervene when they see someone being harassed in public, but aren’t sure what to say – or how to make sure they don’t make things worse. This workshop supports participants in assessing public situations where harassment or hate violence appears to be a threat, and creates space for folks to practice techniques to de-escalate situations while also considering their own and others’ context and social dynamics. 

Time: 90 minutes
Training Type: Online or in person

Community Safety Training for LGBTQ Event Planners

This session for managing safety at group events is for event producers, groups, and organizations that host public, visibly LGBTQ events and parties and have concerns about the safety of their performers and attendees or have received threats to their events from individuals or organized anti-LGBTQ groups. Participants learn about safety planning best practices and how to identify and organize their unique safety needs.

Time: 90 minutes
Training Type: Online or in person

Safety Planning Training for LGBTQ Venues

This premise-based training is a training for a venue and their staff, volunteers, and event producers who want to think through some of the opportunities and challenges of creating safety and accessibility in their space and at the types of events they typically host. Attendees share their concerns with AVP staff and do a walk-through of the space to discuss the unique challenges of the space.

Time: 2 hours

Training Type: On site, NYC only.

More ways AVP can help

Documenting Reports of Violence

AVP tracks and documents incidents of anti-LGBTQ violence in New York and nationally

Connecting Survivors with Resources

AVP operates a 24/7 English/Spanish bilingual hotline and offers free legal and counseling services for LGBTQ and HIV-affected survivors 

Bar Safety Campaign Collaterals

Help inform your guests and patrons of AVP and the services we offer with free stickers, coasters, posters and other promotional materials.

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