What is Technology abuse?

Technology abuse is when someone (e.g. an intimate partner, family member, roommate, friend, date, co-worker, or even stranger) uses technology (phones, computers, apps, gaming systems, social media, etc.) to control, coerce or intimidate another person. People may use technology by itself to have power and control over their partner or another person, or in combination with physical, emotional, financial or sexual violence.  Anyone can experience technology abuse regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Remember, you have rights to protect yourself against technology abuse. This severe form of violence can be severe and look many different ways, including: 

Safety Plan to Prevent Technology Abuse

Below are suggestions for securing your devices by the Cornell Clinic to End Tech Abuse (CETA). If you are concerned that your children’s devices may have also been accessed by your ex-partner, we suggest that you follow these same steps for those devices. 


More Support and Resources on Tech Abuse

The Advocacy Unit (AU) at AVP can support clients experiencing technology abuse. If you are concerned that any of the actions below will increase risk to your safety, we strongly recommend that you consult with an AVP Advocate beforehand. 

Additional Online Resource Guides 

Crash Override Network: Resource center for people experiencing online violence 

Surveillance Self-Defense (Electronic Frontier Foundation): Online surveillance resource guides 

Hacking//Hustling: Doxing harm reduction trainings and guides 

Equality Labs: Anti-Doxing guide for activists facing attacks from the alt-right: 

Survivor Guides: Resource guide for supporting survivors of stalking