On February 13, 2020,
New Yorkers from many cultures and every borough
will join together for a citywide day against hate violence

The Day Against Hate is an opportunity for communities across New York to come together, learn concrete upstander skills, and begin to build the relationships we need to protect ourselves and each other from hate violence.

Hate violence is rising. Jewish, Muslim, Black and Brown, immigrant, and LGBTQ communities — all of us have a shared interest in defeating Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, racism, homophobia & transphobia, and all forms of identity-based violence.

By participating in the Day Against Hate, residents of New York City will take another step away from fear, and toward each other. None of us is responsible for the bigoted ideologies that undergird hate violence, but all of us have the ability to fight back. By becoming upstanders, we can take greater responsibility for the safety and character of our city, and ourselves.

About NYC Against Hate:  NYC Against Hate is a coalition of nine community-based organizations working across identities to make New York safer for our communities. Jewish, Arab-American, Muslim, LGBTQ, and Black and Brown New Yorkers are uniting to create community safety for our communities and build a stronger New York City. We believe that the only effective solution to hate violence and bias incidents is in our communities, not in more policing and prosecution.

Thank you for your interest in the event, but registrations are now closed.